The 12th Texas State International Piano Festival will be held from June 4 – 12, 2022.

“Detours” CD release by Martin Kesuma!
Martin Kesuma CD release

Xiaoya Liu, piano

Pianist Xiaoya Liu performing Henri Dutilleux Piano Sonata, Op. 1, Mvt. III 'Choral et variations'. This is a live performance from the Patrick W. Price Piano Competition at the 8th Texas State International Piano Festival.

Hyunjin Wang, piano

Pianist Hyunjin Wang performing Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata in C Major, Op. 53, Mvt. I. This is a live performance from the Patrick W. Price Piano Competition at the 8th Texas State International Piano Festival.

Sung-Soo Cho, piano

Sung-Soo Cho is performing the 1st movement of Rachmaninov's Third Concerto, with the Round Rock Symphony. This concert was the Festival Finale at the 5th Texas State International Piano Festival.


The Performing Arts Center serves as the new front door to the campus. Designed by the architectural firm of Morris Architects, the 69,122-square-foot facility features two professional-quality performance venues —the Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre that seats 397 patrons and the Recital Hall that seats 312 patrons.

Participants of the TSIPF will perform in this modern recital hall and theatre, which will also host performances and master classes by guest artists.

  • TSIPF- Performing Arts Center
  • TSIPF-Performing Arts Center
  • TSIPF-Performing Arts Center
I enjoyed the Texas State International Piano Festival this year even though it was virtual, I still appreciated the opportunity to have masterclasses with several faculty from around the world. This was my third time at this festival and each time has been a unique experience and I always walk away with renewed motivation and spirit for the instrument. In addition, the TSIPF community is welcoming and feels like a family. My first time I didn’t know a single person, and now the faculty even some of the festival participants are like family. I have made great memories at this festival and look forward to it every summer.

Yumiko Hastings, festival participant

Students at TSIPF have a multitude of opportunities to benefit from the wisdom and artistry of world-class teachers and performers in masterclasses, private lessons, and recitals that are presented each evening. Students are able to learn from one another and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. The atmosphere is unquestionably supportive, and I sense that I will always be welcome in the TSIPF family

Halle Puckett, festival participant

It was such an unforgettable memory at TSIPF! It was so inspiring to see excellent recitals, concerts, and masterclasses happening all in a week. I learned so much by taking lessons with great faculties and performing in the masterclasses. I’m so grateful to be part of TSIPF getting to know all the wonderful friends, we got together every day during the festival gaining many invaluable things which not only on the piano but also something very crucial — what kind of attitude should be held as a musician. Making music with all of these talented people has made me feel so blessed to be a musician. The festival directors and staffs organized everything in detail making sure everyone has an enriching experience here, their kindness and hospitality really brought warmth to my heart. Such a musical journey at TSIPF, I hope to be back!

Dailin Zeng, festival participant

My three summers at TSIPF have undoubtedly shaped who I am as a musician. In addition to receiving top-notch instruction from the excellent pianists on faculty, I have also made lifelong friends while at the festival. I cannot recommend TSIPF enough to any pianist looking for an unforgettable week of lessons, masterclasses, and concerts!

Vivian Anderson, festival participant

Over the last decade, not many festivals can say they have grown as much as they have as TSIPF. In my short two years of attending this festival, I am impressed by the diverse talent that comes together, and at the resources they have to provide to the participants. If one is given the opportunity to join this exhilarating environment, they should be ready to make some of their most memorable friendships and no matter where you are in your musical career, TSIPF will be a special part in that journey.

Chris Soong, festival participant

TSIPF provided my daughters a warm, welcoming and friendly environment where they could learn from some of the best piano professors in the nation.  While the programs were entertaining and enjoyable, the quality of the instructions was intense and uncompromising.

Yuko Darcy, mother of Kimiko & Eriko Darcy, festival participants

I really enjoyed my experience participating in the Texas State International Piano Festival! Everything was put together so well and the camp went very smoothly. I loved all of my masterclasses! And it was very beneficial being able to watch and learn from the other masterclasses as well. I found the Q&A with the faculty and Dr. Leone’s webinar to be very insightful. And I truly enjoyed being able to attend all of the recitals, both in person and virtually! The concert artists were absolutely amazing! And of course it was awesome to be able to perform in person for the final student recital, where I was happy to meet some of the other pianists who were in the festival! I’m very thankful to the Texas State International Piano Festival faculty for this fantastic opportunity!

Chloe Castillo, festival participant

TSIPF is a blast with energetic faculty and students! I was able to discuss pursing music with my roommate and get practical advice from teachers. I was encouraged to expand my knowledge of music to every genre, so that I can become a well rounded musician. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

William Leicht, festival participant

I enjoyed each time I attended TSIPF and learned a lot from playing in and observing various faculty’s master classes and lessons. There are also many recitals and my favorite was all-Bach program performances by Enrico Elisi, whose artistry truly left me in awe. It’s nice seeing faculty members having a blast working together and it is a dense but positive one week with talented students from a wide range of age. Also, every year, TSIPF never fail to surprise us with new ideas happening for the following year and the director Jason Kwak goes extra miles to make the festival a fun spirited place- I look forward to their next announcement!

Yoshiko Arahata, festival participant

My daughter, Ella Kim, had the pleasure of participating in her first piano festival at Texas State International Piano Festival, as well as NPR’s From the Top program. As the youngest participant, she was a bit nervous, but Dr. Kwak, the staff, and fellow participants quickly made her feel right at home. Ella had the opportunity to attend and participate in master classes given by internationally renowned pianists, attend recitals and take lessons. This was the first time Ella was surrounded by pianists over an extended period of time and, thanks to Dr. Kwak and staff, she could not have asked for a more nurturing, encouraging, fun, and inspiring time.

Julie, mother of Ella Kim, festival participant

I had a fantastic time at TSIPF! I learned a lot from the amazing faculty both in lessons and watching masterclasses, and I was grateful to have the valuable opportunity of soloing with an orchestra. It’s special to make lasting friendships with people who all immensely love music. Last but not least, the festival staff are unmatched in their hospitality, and they helped everyone have an enjoyable experience.

Raymond Feng, festival participant

I have been to many festivals and master classes, but this one left something special in my heart.  Everything was amazing- from the master classes and concerts to all of the very talented young people that I met there. It is great that professors like Jason Kwak, Julian Martin, Boris Slutsky, Enrico Elisi and others, can pass to us, the younger generation, their experience, their flame, and their knowledge.

Nikolay Marinov, festival participant

I really enjoyed the camp. I learned a lot of new things, not only for my playing, but also for my career. Overall, it was really informative and fun, and I’m glad I participated in the camp.

Emma Oba, festival participant

This past year was my first year at TSIPF, and many of my peers had already been for at least one year prior. My initial fearful thoughts all dissolved when I met Dr. Kwak. His welcoming persona made me feel at home, and this led me to have one of the best weeks of my life. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing faculty, and I met many phenomenal musicians that have become my close friends. In addition, the faculty guest artist concerts that I had the opportunity to listen to every night opened my eyes to new repertoire. This week will forever hold a place in my heart!

Ashley Tauhert, festival participant

A huge Thank You to the Texas State International Piano Festival for consistently transforming the lives of countless musicians. Through unparalleled initiatives and opportunities, TSIPF is meaningfully preparing the next generation of artists. I am deeply grateful for being a part of this inspiring organization and I wish TSIPF many more years of innovation, vision, and success!

Alvin Zhu, winner of the Patrick W. Price Piano Competition 2017/Professor at Tianjin Juilliard School

TSIPF is an all-inclusive piano festival so close to home and dear to our family. My daughter and son are in high school and have been to TSIPF for the past 5 years. They love everything about the festival. Not only were they given the opportunities to learn from the best teachers in the country via private lessons and masterclasses, they were also immersed in the piano world with recitals, concerts, and lectures throughout the week. Through many bonding activities, TSIPF built a sense of community with lots of fun and unforgettable memories for the children making new pianist friends, while instilling a sense of independence and responsibility via assigned tasks. A huge thank you to all the administrative staff, teachers, and counselors whose abundant care for each individual undoubtedly contributed to making PSIPF a one-of-a-kind nurturing musical learning environment!

Kim Phan, mother of Beatrice and Ben Hoang, festival participants

A huge thanks to the terrific festival team. This is intense and highly-organized festival. I felt very much welcome at the TSIPF and had a wonderful experience. The organization and logistics were amazing and all the faculty and team members were absolutely fantastic!

Eunhwa Lee, festival participant

Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for the kids to flourish personally and musically. My son enjoyed the festival and met many great teachers and friends with the same interest. He also enjoyed so much the evening concerts in the Performance Recital Hall.

Judy Yang, mother of Dylan Liu, festival participant